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How Can I Join A Group


Q. How can I join a Group?

A. To join a Group, first find one you are interested in by navigating around the pages in the Group tab at the top of every Community Network page, or by using the search function's All Groups option. Once you are on the home page of an open Group you will see a link on the top right of the Group information, with a small blue arrow next to it, reading Join this Group. Click this link and you will be taken to a page that says Join This Group. You will be asked to select an email address to use (especially handy if you use more than one email address on the Community Network (see Can I use more than one email address on the Community Network?). Click the Submit button to join the Group, or Cancel if you've changed your mind. (You can also simply move on to another page and not join.)

See Can I request to join a closed Group? for information on joining an invitation-only Group.

The only Groups you cannot join are the "General" Groups, which are automatically assigned.

Later, if you wish to modify your settings on any Group, you can use the Email Settings link at the very top of any Community Network page (see Email Settings).

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