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How Can I Tell If There Is Important News About The Community Network


Q. How can I tell if something urgent, like a newsflash or vital information, has come in via the Community Network?

A. When you sign on to the Community Network for the very first time, your name has already been associated with your location via the main database. You are automatically added to the list of community members who will receive all important communications. These will all come to the main email address you designate in your Profile (see How can I update my personal settings? Why should I?). As long as you check your email occasionally, you will be as up-to-date as possible.

News and announcements are also often featured on the Welcome page, so it is a good idea to bookmark that page and see what news is there every so often! Many make the Welcome page their starting point on their Web browsers (see How Can I Make The Community Network The Home Page On My Web Browser?).

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