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How Do I Change Or Modify Group Settings


Q. How can I change or modify the settings on a Group?

A. A moderator of a Group has many options for revising the Group's settings after it is initially set up. To get to these options, just click Edit this Group in the left column of the Group's home page, under Moderator Tools. You will see a page with six options. NOT DONE

  • Editing Group Name and Basic Info: When you first set up a Discussion, you set certain parameters about it. You can edit:
    • Discussion name: we recommend that you let Discussion members know that you are doing this, so they will not be confused by suddenly getting email from a different Discussion they didn't know they had joined! It does help to be as clear and specific as possible within the 25 character limit. Remember, you can have spaces between the words.
    • Short Summary for Discussion: the summary of the Discussion that appears on the Discussion web page and in some correspondence. If you find that your current summary confuses people, feel free to change it. Another good reason to edit this setting is if your Discussion does not come up under searches for topics that apply to it--this is a good place to stick relevant "key words" that will register when searching the All Discussions option.
    • Group description: the description of the Discussion that appears on the Discussion web page and in some correspondence. The more you refine this, the easier it will be for potential Discussion members to find your Discussion and figure out if it is of interest or not. The more details you add, the better your Discussion will fare when members are searching for Discussions to join. This is where you can really go to town and make your Discussion shine.
    • Primary Moderator of Discussion: If you have more than one moderator, you indicate the primary one here. You can change it if one of you gets burned out, or rotate this responsibility! (I don't think many duties are the role of the primary moderator--if you find any, let me know--Sue Ann,
    • Open or closed Discussion: You can change this if needed. We recommend you discuss this with Discussion members before making the change either way. Privacy is very important to many Leaders, and being open is also important to many. Remember, it is more work to maintain a closed Discussion, as new members need to be approved, etc.

  • Adding new members: To learn how to add or invite members, visit the Inviting or Adding Members file. This feature has a lot of details.

  • Editing mailing list settings: Moderators can modify many of the email settings that were originally put in place when the Discussion was set up. You can edit:
    • The prefix for email subject--you might do this if it is just too long for your taste, etc.
    • Welcome message--often one realizes that some important information was originally left out. Feel free to make the Welcome message that goes out to new members as helpful as possible!
    • Moderator signature--the signature added to messages that are sent by the system on behalf of the moderator(s).
    • Who can be part of email Discussion--the setting that lets you set the Discussion list to be open or closed.
    • Where should replies to email postings go--some people prefer that replies go to the sender only, others prefer that they go to the entire list by default. Choosing Moderator here makes a moderated list.
    • Add header link to emails--if you choose this, a link to the sender's profile is added at the beginning of messages.
    • Add footer link to emails Lets you add (at the bottom of the email) a list of control email addresses, like how to unsubscribe, etc.

  • Permanently Delete Discussion Only do this if you really want to delete it! A Discussion that no one joins after a few months might benefit from having its description changed, or its name changed, to see if that enables others to find it. If there is still no interest, then perhaps deleting the Discussion would be a good idea. You can try it again later.

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