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How Does The Advanced People Search Work


Q. How does the Advanced People Search work?

A. If you are still having trouble finding a particular person using the simple search interface at the top of each page, you can use the advanced people search feature. You can get to it either by clicking the word advanced next to the word GO! near the search window on any page in the Community Network OR by clicking the People tab from any Community Network page then selecting Advanced People Search from the choices in the bar below the tabs. You also get the advanced option after you do a simple search from the search window. There is text above the Quick Search blanks in the left column of search results that says People Search in a gray box. That takes you to the advanced search. You can also click more search options under the Quick Search box.

The advanced search interface, shown above, will let you select from many options and combinations of options to narrow a search. The example shows input for searching for all Members named "Kendall" who live in Texas (clicking the Search button will give the result Sue Ann Kendall). Typing in a name, city, or region can help you find a Member in a particular place. You can also select a US state or country. To find a particular word or words anywhere in any Member's profile, type them in the blank that follows Find results with the words. Typing "green" in that field would give you Members named Green, Members living in Greenville or Greenland, Members who love the color green, etc. This is a GREAT way to find someone with common hobbies or interests!

If you are looking for someone in a particular city, the Member Quick Search option may be easier. Find that by searching for any name in the Search window, and you will see the quick search option to the left of the results.

Note that this type of search will also reveal Members who have not yet signed-on to the Community Network. We cannot reveal that information about Members who have not signed on, as a courtesy for their privacy. Once a Member signs on, he or she agrees to share information with other Members. Encourage your colleagues and friends to sign on, to help others!

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