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What Should I Do If I Find Something That Does Not Work


Q. What should I do if I find something that does not work on the Community Network (a bug)?

A. If you are working on something in the Community Network and you get an error message (usually some strange characters or a message at the top of your screen) or a "file not found" screen comes up, first make a note of what page you are on (the URL or address in the top bar of your Web browser). You can even copy the URL and paste it into an email message to be sure you have it. Then make a note of the error message or text on the screen that you see. You can also usually highlight this and copy it, then paste it into an email message. Finally, note what you were trying to do (save a story, join a Group, etc.). Use all this information to make a good, clear description of the error you ran into, then go to the and send all your information, with a clear title briefly describing the problem, to the . The developers will be monitoring this email address closely, and will let you know when your issue has been addressed, or will ask further questions, if necessary.

If you wish to report more than one problem or bug, please use a separate message for each one, because it helps the developers to treat each bug separately.

Your assistance in letting us know about any bugs you encounter is greatly appreciated!

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